Can you hook up 2 subwoofers to a mono amp

Yes all u have to do is bridge them together already exists as an alternate of this question would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it.

If you used the method in step two, wire the left and right speakers using the left and right speaker outputs on the subwoofer the signal will be routed from the amplifier through the subwoofer and to the main speakers. However, not all amps can safely drive low impedance subwoofers bridging an amplifier when you combine two of the amplifier’s channels into one channel, you are bridging the amplifier the down side of this is that bridged channels are not capable of driving impedance loads as low as unbridged amps wire gauge speaker wires, as indicated. You can hook up 20 subs to a mono amp but you have to configure the speakers by impedance/ohms if you hook two 2 ohm speakers to a 4 ohm steady amp in parallel you will soon buy a new amp if you hook 10 speakers in series you will not even get it warm.

The amp is an alpine mrp m1000 i've got it running an alpine type r dvc sub (4 ohm each) i want to get another type r and want to run them both off the same amp. So each sub rms 1500 watts and if i were to use one of the amps then each amp is 2400watts rms so that wont be able to handle both subs how do you hook up the amps like run each amp to one sub and then battery having two 0gauge wires from both amps to my pos terminal and have 2 fuse holde.

How to hook up two 4 ohm dvc subwoofers @ 1 how to wire 2 dvc 4ohm subwoofers bridged 2 ch amp how to bridge 2 subwoofers onto a mono amp or.

How to hook up a subwoofer to a stereo system hint: you don't necessarily need a receiver but subs can also radically improve the pre-amps, and. Hey guys i have a question regarding hooking up 2 subs to a mono block amp hooking up subs to mono block amp chambers and connect the subs.

Apr 26, if you're asking can you hook up a third dvc 4-ohm you can wire two dvc 4-ohm subs to a mono amp like the amp reviews. Best answer: you can definintly hook them both up,just use a parallel config,meaning run the pos to the pos to the pos and it will rock. If you have 2 subwoofers that have speaker level connection on the amp plate, you can wire each sub on the left and right speaker connections, inbetween the speakers and the amp the crossover on the subwoofer would control at which frequency the bass is bypassed and sent to your front speakers.

How to add a subwoofer to 2 channel stereo setup (actually a couple of stereo/mono amps- monarchy audio sm-70 pros) you can connect. Subwoofer amplifier at the same time you two channels, you simply hook up the range speakers, and you want to add a new mono amp to.

Can you hook up 2 subwoofers to a mono amp
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